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We welcome service animals and emotional support animals. To ensure the comfort and safety of all of our guests, we ask that you please follow our policies for traveling with animals. Guidelines for Service & Emotional Support Animals:Service and emotional support animals are welcome in Lounges as long as they remain in their carriers and with their owners at all times.Service and emotional support animals are not permitted on furniture. Likewise, we ask that owners do not bring their animals into food service areas, buffet lines, Bars and other areas where food or drinks are being served, prepared or consumed.We also may request that you sit in a designated area appointed by us with your service and/or emotional support animalPlease note that while service and emotional support animals are welcome, there are no facilities or designated animal relief areas in the airport when travelling or using our facilitiesService and emotional support animals must be clean, well-behaved, and under their owners control at all times.Service and emotional support animals that bark, growl repeatedly, bite, become aggressive or otherwise exhibit disruptive behavior will be removed from the lounge.We reserve the right to ask owners to remove animals from the lounge at our discretion.